Part 2 Local Plan Committees

Part 2 Local Plan Committees

Broxtowe is currently preparing its Part 2 Local Plan which will include site allocations and more detailed policies against which planning applications will be assessed.

The details which will go into the published plan will be decided through a series of Jobs and Economy committees, the first of which will be held on 26th January 2017.

The January committee will determine which housing sites will be allocated for development in the part 2 Local Plan.

Sustainability Appraisal (SA)

The Jobs and Economy Committee on 23rd February will be determining the policies that will be contained in the plan.

It is envisaged that a the publication version of the plan (to include the outcomes of the January and February committees any policies not considered at the 23 February meeting and mixed use allocations) will then be reported to the Jobs and Economy Committee on 16th March with the recommendation to start formal consultation on the plan.


Planning Policy
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