Site Allocations Plan Issues & Options Discussion Document

Site Allocations Plan Issues & Options Discussion Document

The Council previously consulted on the 'Issues and Options' for the allocations part of the new Broxtowe Local Plan. When finalised this will replace the Saved Policies of the existing Broxtowe Local Plan which was adopted in 2004. This new plan follows and will implement the Aligned Core Strategy.

The Council has prepared Area profiles involving breaking down the area into areas specified for development in the Core Strategy.

For each identified area, a profile that identifies issues, opportunities and constraints has been prepared. The information collected ranges from the population structure and dwelling densities to the relationship between homes and jobs and regeneration challenges. The findings from topic-based studies are reflected in the profiles.

The information in the area profiles will also assist in fulfilling the requirements of the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process. The environmental report should describe 'the environmental characteristics of areas likely to be significantly affected'. Evidence from early community engagement will be used to help build local profiles, in turn demonstrating how the plan reflects local perceptions and aspirations.

What happens next?

The Council will Develop the Options based on the evidence base and this local engagement. 
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