Site Allocations Potential Additional Sites

Site Allocations Potential Additional Sites

In 2013 the Council consulted on a 'Site Allocations: Issues and Options' document for the Part 2 Local Plan. Since 2013 there have been a number of changes which affect the delivery status of some large sites. The Council undertook additional consultation on these sites to provide the opportunity to comment on their potential allocation.

The 3 sites which formed the subject of the consultation were:

  • Bramcote

  • Cheywnd Barracks; and

  • Nuthall

With regard to the Bramcote site, please note that (as indicated on pages 3 and 4 of the consultation document): there is no suggestion that the whole of the site might be developed; Green Infrastructure and wildlife corridors could potentially be enhanced throughout the site; and Bramcote Park, Stapleford Hill and the Ridgeline would be protected if any development were to take place.

The 'site allocations potential additional sites' consultation document can be found here.

The consultation is now closed.


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