The Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how community involvement will be undertaken for planning policy documents and planning applications in Broxtowe.

The statement of community involvement (SCI) is a document that is included in the Local Development Framework (LDF) to explain the Council's approach to public participation within the planning service. Cabinet at its meeting on 6th January 2009, approved a draft revised SCI for consultation purposes and this has been subject to a 6 week period of consultation between 17th February 2009 and 31st March 2009.  Over 263 individuals and organisations were sent a copy for comment, along with notices in the media. 

Following the consultation, amendments have been made and the revised SCI was adopted on 2nd June 2009. A copy of the Adopted Statement of Community Involvement can be viewed in the documents list to the right.

Any person with sufficient interest in the decision to adopt the statement of community involvement may apply to the High Court for permission to apply for judicial review of that decision and; any such application must be made promptly and in any event not later than 3 months after the date on which the statement was adopted.

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