Street Naming & Numbering

Street Naming & Numbering

The Council has a legal duty to carry out the statutory function of Street Naming and Numbering.

To ensure the correct processing of this duty the Council uses the following Acts:

The Towns Improvement Clauses Act 1847 used together with section 21 of the Public Health Act Amendment Act 1907 Street Naming and Numbering is essential for:

  • Helping the public find buildings easily

  • Efficient delivery of post

  • Fast responses to emergencies by ambulance, police, and fire services

  • Record-keeping of legal transactions, taxation, planning data, etc.

We have no objection to a house name being used as part of an existing postal address, but it cannot replace the street number, which must always be used, and will not be of your official address. The house name will not be a formal part of your address if the property has a number.  Street numbers and building names should always be prominently displayed where they can be easily read from the public highway.  Where the property is at some distance from a public road, the number/name should also be displayed at the access point to the property.

Broxtowe Borough Council does not currently charge any fees for its Street Naming and Numbering service.  However, we may have to charge in the future for certain aspects of the service that are unnecessary and take time away from the essential functions of creating new addresses, such as reassigning addresses when site layouts change, reissuing addresses when people have lost original copies, etc.  We ask that you consider the time spent on having to manually 'clean-up' plans supplied to us when they are cluttered with measurements, drainage details etc, and try to ensure that the plans you supply to us clearly show the layout of new properties overlaid onto the Ordnance Survey Master Map layer, with no additional information such as measurements etc.

There is a leaflet which will give you information on our service.  We also have an application form that can be downloaded.






Street Naming & Numbering
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