Validation Requirements

Validation Requirements

The government has introduced changes to the way planning applications are made and validated. This includes the introduction of the standard 1APP application forms.

New information requirements for the validation of planning applications by Local Authorities.

The Government guidance includes clarification of the information required to validate all planning applications across the country (the "national" list) and additionally allowed local authorities to adopt their own "local" lists of additional information required to validate applications.  These are requirements from 6 April 2008 (the day on which the use of the national standard application forms (1App) became mandatory).

For further guidance on the "national list" and the adopted "local list" please refer to the list of documents below.

Further guidance can also be found by visiting the Department Of Communities And Local Government website.

Critical Dimensions and a Recognised Metric Scale

All plans and drawings submitted are required to have critical dimensions and a recognised metric scale marked on them.

If plans are received without critical dimensions no further checks will be made until they are received. Critical dimensions include heights (including from ground level to eaves and to roof ridges), width and length of buildings and extensions, and distances to site boundaries. These are necessary to ensure the plans are readable on our web site and to ensure that it is clear what you are applying for and what the Council are granting permission for.


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