Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) SPD

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) SPD

The Council recently consulted on a draft SPD that, when adopted, will help to guide decisions on planning applications for HMOs.

HMOs SPD - This Consultation is now closed

The consultation ran between 11th April and 14th May 2022, and all responses received during this time will be considered when finalising the document.  All documents relating to this consultation can be viewed below:


Beeston Article 4 Direction

The Council has recently made what is known as a ‘direction’ regarding Houses in Multiple Occupation (often referred to as HMOs or HIMOs) in parts of Beeston and Beeston Rylands.

The area concerned is shown on this map(.pdf)(373KB)(Opens in new window) (Opens in a New Window).

The Article 4 Direction came into force on 26th March 2022. Within the specified area, planning permission is now needed to change the use of a dwellinghouse to a HMO with 3-6 residents.

Consultation on the proposals took place between 15th January and 26th February 2021. Representations in response to the consultation were considered by the Jobs & Economy Committee meeting on 25th March 2021(.pdf)(171KB)(Opens in new window) (Opens in a New Window).  The Committee resolved to confirm the direction(.pdf)(1MB)(Opens in new window) (Opens in a New Window).  There is an official notice(.pdf)(212KB)(Opens in new window) (Opens in a New Window) which confirms the direction.

Background information is included in the February 2020 committee report(.pdf)(3.5MB)(Opens in new window) (Opens in a New Window) and in the report of consultants Iceni(.pdf)(555KB)(Opens in new window) (Opens in a New Window) on student housing needs.

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