Local Validation List for Planning Applications

Local Validation List for Planning Applications

The Government requires Local Planning Authorities to review their existing Local Validation Lists on a regular basis. In light of this and the recent adoption of the Part 2 Local Plan, the Council has reviewed its Local Validation List and proposes a number of changes to it.

About the Local Validation List

The Local Validation List clearly identifies the information that we will normally require to be able to register, assess and determine your planning application. The level of information required depends on the size and type of the application as well as the specific site constraints and nature of development.

Not all the items listed will be required for every application. However, it is envisaged that the Local List will provide guidance on the type of information required and also how to carry out certain reports where applicable. This ensures greater certainty and consistency for everyone involved in the planning application process. We aim to process new applications as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Summary of changes

The majority of changes that are proposed to the Local List(.pdf)(173KB)(Opens in new window) are to bring it up to date with the relevant areas of planning legislation, policy and guidance upon which the requirements are based. In certain specific instances, requirements for information have been deleted. A table(.pdf)(144KB)(Opens in new window) has also been added to demonstrate, as guidance, what information will be required for different types of application.


The Council will be consulting on this document for a period of 8 weeks from Monday 28th September until Sunday 22nd November 2020. If you wish to make any comments on the proposed amendments, please submit these to pabc@broxtowe.gov.uk including ‘Local List’ as the subject of the email.

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