Payphone Removal

Payphone Removal

Broxtowe Borough Council has received written notification identifying 7 public payphones in the borough which have been proposed for removal by British Telecoms (BT).

BT has placed consultation notices on the relevant payphones and the Borough Council is consulting on three options:

  • to agree to the removal
  • to adopt the call box for use by the local community; or
  • to object to the removal

The location of the payphone boxes to be removed can be viewed on our Payphone Consultation map page:

  • Carwood Road, Beeston
  • Awsworth Lane, Cossall
  • Front of Festival Inn, 2 Ilkeston Road, Trowell
  • Corner of Lawrence Avenue/Tennyson Square, Awsworth
  • Corner of Pinfold Lane/Nottingham Road, Stapleford
  • Junction of Raglan Street/Nottingham Road, Eastwood
  • Church Street, Eastwood

Following an initial assessment of the proposals and a 21 day consultation no objections to the removal of the 7 payphones identified have been received. The Council is now publishing a ‘First Notice’(.pdf)(79KB)(Opens in new window) which states whether the Council agrees or objects to the plans. We are carrying out a further 28 day consultation to gather any additional comments from members of the public, Parish Councils and Ward Councilors on this decision.

The consultation closes on 17 December 2019. Comments received will be reported to the Council meeting on 18 December 2019 where a response will be agreed prior to submitting it to BT. Please respond to the BT Payphone Removal Consultation here(.pdf)(61KB)(Opens in new window).

Reasons for Removal by BT

BT indicates that overall use of payphones has declined by over 90% in the last decade and the need to provide payphones for use in emergency situations is diminishing all the time, with at least 98 per cent of the UK having either 3G or 4G coverage.

This is important because as long as there is network coverage, it's now possible to call the emergency services, even when there is no credit or no coverage from your own mobile provider. Phone boxes are not being removed where there is no network coverage, in accident black spots, and a number of other locations which meet criteria.

For further information please contact the Planning Department on 0115 914 3447 or

Adopt a Kiosk

Local communities have the opportunity to adopt a traditional red ‘heritage' phone box and use them for such purposes as a local information kiosk, library or for a defibrillator. It's really simple to do and it costs just £1 – see BT Adopt a Kiosk for more information.


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