Chewton Street Contamination Report

Broxtowe Borough Council is committed to bringing brownfield sites forward for development, working with developers to assist this where possible. However some sites prove more challenging than others. The potential development site surrounding the former Eastwood landfill site (located at the end of Braemar Avenue and South of Chewton Street/Commons Close) is one such example. Nevertheless, the Council has been fortunate enough to receive some funding towards 'pre development works'. This has enabled us to understand what is required to remediate this particular site, to allow for potential future development.

Historically the site has been the subject of planning applications for residential development, therefore we already had a good understanding of what issues may need to be addressed prior to planning permission being granted. The purpose of the latest investigation was to update this information. The ground investigation and gas monitoring works were completed and final reports submitted to the Council in June 2019. These reports are the Phase 1 and 2 Investigation report (.pdf)(50MB)(Opens in new window) (Opens in a New Window) and the Addendum Gas Monitoring report (.pdf)(10MB)(Opens in new window) (Opens in a New Window).

In summary, the report confirmed the site has been deemed suitable for residential development (from a land contamination and ground gas perspective). No contamination has been shown to be present in the soil and the overall gas monitoring exercise has concluded that ground gas no longer poses a risk to development. Further to this there is no evidence that gas from the former landfill site is migrating onto site. The results are of benefit to the Council in assessing potential future development proposals on site, but also to existing residents adjacent to the site as the gas migration risk from the landfill is now deemed to be very low.

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