Dead Animals

Dead Animals

All animals will be collected and disposed of in the appropriate manner within one working day. If the animal has identification such as a tag or an id chip the owner will be contacted as soon as possible.

Reporting a Dead Animal

You can report this online.

The Council will collect deceased animals under the following criteria:     

  • If the animal is situated on public highway or open space

  • The animal has been found on domestic residential property and is equivalent to or larger than the size of a cat

It is an offence to hit a dog with a moving vehicle and should be reported to the police as soon as possible.

Deer, badgers and birds of prey are monitored species and require specialist handling, please contact us if the animal is deceased.

The Council will not collect:

  • Domestic pets owned by the resident of the property

  • Any animal located on private commercial land. Rats from domestic residential properties - contact Environment Health to report this

Broxtowe Borough Council will not collect animals from motorways and principal A roads. There are 3 such roads within the borough.

The M1 and the A52 are the responsibility of AMScott (Highway Agency Contractor) contact 0845 750 4030 to report any dead animals on the road.

The A610 is the responsibility of the local authority but due to the nature of the road and the fast moving traffic, animals cannot be collected without the assistance of the police, this is to ensure the safety of the workforce and the public.

To dispose of a small creature safely, wrap it well and place in the domestic (black lidded) waste wheelie bin.