Children Of Broxtowe To Enjoy Rewards From New Play Strategy

Children Of Broxtowe To Enjoy Rewards From New Play Strategy

01/12/17 Broxtowe children are set to reap the rewards of Broxtowe Borough Council’s new Play Strategy, with the Broadgate Park play area set to be the first to benefit from improvements.

The first allocation of funding towards the Play Strategy was approved by the Finance and Resources Committee at a meeting on 30th November, with £87,000 being allocated for the refurbishment of the play area with  £28,000 of funding from the Council and £59,000 from external sources including Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd, the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ fund and United Living.

Following a consultation on of play facilities across the borough, the Council approved the new Play Strategy which is intended to ensure improved play facilities for children and young people in Broxtowe.

Consulting with children and young people identified the things they wanted the most were well-maintained parks and play spaces, more areas for children to play, better equipped play and youth areas, and more secure spaces. In order to achieve this, the new Play Strategy sets out to improve the quality of play within the borough by increasing the quality and range of play areas. It also seeks to provide the necessary resources and funding required to improve and develop those recreational opportunities.

Councillor Shane Easom, Chair of the Leisure and Environment Committee, said,

"Play is important to children and young people as it allows them to figure things out for themselves and develop at their own pace. After an extensive consultation with the help of Groundwork Greater Nottingham, we’ve put this strategy together and are really excited about the future of play in Broxtowe."

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