School Children Plant 1,000 Bulbs In Kimberley Park

School Children Plant 1,000 Bulbs In Kimberley Park

10/02/2017 - School Children from Gilthill Primary School helped plant 1,000 bulbs at Hall Om Wong Park earlier this week to help attract more wildlife into the area.

Hall Om Wong Park

The pupils from year 5 joined Mayor of the Borough of Broxtowe, Councillor Graham Harvey to plant the native bluebell bulbs, primrose plants and woodland wildflower seed on Wednesday 8th February.

 They also converted a section of amenity grassland along the boundary with Eastwood Road into a perennial woodland meadow which will help attract birds and butterflies to the site.


Whilst the children got green-fingered, the Council’s Arboricultural Team helped fix nest boxes that the pupils had made to trees in the area. The boxes are suitable for robins and blue tits and the children are already looking forward to returning to the park in the spring to see if birds have made their homes in them. The boxes were supplied in kit form by the Men in Sheds, a Beeston based project that supports older men who want to get together to share and learn new wood-working skills.

As well as choosing sites for their bird boxes, the pupils also put up bird feeders that had been made at school with the Greenwood Community Forest Team, a part of the Big School Bird watch.

 Greenwood Community Forest Senior Practitioner, Malcolm Hackett, said:

"The Greenwood Partnership is all about getting local people involved in their local green space. Encouraging the school to take part in this project means that we can provide fun activities whilst getting a strong message across about the value of local green space. Hopefully the children will revisit the park this spring to see new residents in the bird boxes along with a colourful array of flowers in years to come."

Throughout spring, young people and volunteers will be helping to improve biodiversity at this popular open space in the heart of Kimberley and in early summer a free community wildlife event will take place on the site. Further details will be available soon.

The project is a partnership between Broxtowe Borough Council and The Greenwood Community Forest.


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