Lawrence Museum Finds New Home For Mining Memorabilia

Lawrence Museum Finds New Home For Mining Memorabilia

21/07/2017 Historic mining Magazines are amongst heritage items which will be donated to the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield, by Eastwood’s D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum.

Following the closure of the D.H. Lawrence Heritage Centre in April 2016, the Curatorial Team at the D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum have been involved in reviewing the items that were on display or in stores at the Heritage Centre, as part of their responsibility as an accredited museum.

After lots of discussions and help from colleagues at other Midlands-based museums, a list of objects to stay has been drawn up, along with a list of items that the Curatorial Team will seek new homes for.

The museum tells a very different story to the Heritage Centre and storage and display areas are limited.  So, while recognising the cultural value in many of the objects, especially after looking after them for many years, the curators have made decisions on whether items can be better looked after elsewhere and serve the public better in an alternative museum.

“I’m sure our local community will be glad to know that a fair number of the items from the former Heritage Centre will be transferred into one of the D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum collections and we’re excited about these items staying with us”  said Alex Khan, Cultural Services Manager at LLeisure. "We also understand that some of our residents will be worried that we’re going to be getting rid of Lawrence items and books but this isn’t the case. The items we are looking for new homes for are mainly domestic, social history items with no provenance or items that are not the right period or subject for our museum.”

“However, the fact that they are not right for our collection does not take away their cultural value and we’re hopeful we can place them into new homes. Some of the mining related items have already been snapped up by the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield and one of the original donors is delighted that they have found such a prestigious new home."

“Museums are fascinating places to work in and this behind the scenes work all underpins the high quality exhibitions and tours that our visitors see. We want our visitors to have a great experience at our museum, so we must concentrate our efforts on the items that best to tell the wonderful story of D.H. Lawrence.”

A final list of items will be available on request.  For more information please contact DH Lawrence Birthplace Museum on the details provided below. 

D.H Lawrence Birthplace Museum
tel: 0115 917 3824