Nip Garden Crime In The Bud

Nip Garden Crime In The Bud

08/05/2017 As the weather warms up, Broxtowe Borough Council is urging residents to protect their valuable garden equipment this summer by following some simple garden crime prevention tips

Power tools, lawn mowers, garden tools and bikes are just some of the expensive equipment left in gardens or stored in unsecured sheds. If stolen some of these items could be used by the intruder to break into your house.

Effective garden security includes everything from boundary fences, gates, outbuildings and the valuables stored inside them.

Protect your valuables by following these tips:

  • Fit well positioned external lighting 
  • Strong gates, fences and walls kept in good repair can deter intruders from accessing your property, keep gates locked at all times
  • Compliment security measures, such as lighting, locks and alarms by planting prickly plants to deter burglars. If doing so it is best to plant these around vulnerable areas such as: windows, fences boundary walls and drainpipes
  • Keep your shed in good condition
  • Fit a closed shackle padlock to the door - fittings should be bolted through the door and any screws concealed
  • Fit grilles or mesh to the windows
  • Fit a shed alarm
  • Chain large items such as bicycles together - it is more difficult for a thief to carry away a lot of large heavy items all at once
  • Lock ladders to a secure fixture in the shed or garage so they cannot be used to reach windows in your home
  • Mark your garden tools and equipment with your postcode and house name or number
  • Don’t leave ladders and tools lying around in your garden - these could be used to break into your home

For further information, please see the contact details below. 


Nottinghamshire Police
tel: 101