Council Cracks Down On Dog Fouling In Nuthall

Council Cracks Down On Dog Fouling In Nuthall

17/04/18 BROXTOWE BOROUGH COUNCIL is cracking down on dog fouling in Nuthall, after representations were made by Nuthall Parish Council, with proposals to introduce a Public Spaces Protection Order, the first related to dog fouling in the borough, to help tackle the issue at Basil Russell Playing Fields.

Dog mess may contain parasites which can be harmful to humans and can even cause blindness in extreme cases. It’s also unpleasant for other local people to see and step in when they’re out and about.

Residents are being asked to tell the Council their opinion on this proposed Order to see whether or not it should be implemented. All they need to do is fill in a short online form. The deadline for responses is Friday 4th May.

The proposed order would mean that the person in charge of a dog will be guilty of an offence and could be fined if:

  • A dog fouls at any time in the area and its owner fails to remove the faeces;
  • A dog is not kept on a lead in the park;
  • A dog is allowed to enter the children’s play area.

A constable or person authorised by the Council may issue a fixed penalty notice of £75 to anyone they believe has committed an offence. Anyone not complying with an officer’s request would be liable to prosecution which could lead to fines of up to £1000.

Chair of the Community Safety Committee, Councillor Jan Goold said:

“We want the Borough to be a place which will be protected and enhanced for future generations. We’re striving to make Broxtowe a cleaner place, to make sure that everyone can be proud of our parks, and we will not tolerate people who do not clear up after their dogs.  Public Spaces Protection Orders are just one of the ways we can help to achieve this."

Nuthall Parish Council
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