New Fines For Car Litterers

New Fines For Car Litterers

10/07/2018 Plans have been approved to introduce new fines for people who throw rubbish from their vehicles in Broxtowe Borough.

Broxtowe Borough Council’s Community Safety Committee approved the proposal, which allows Councils to use new legislation to tackle to problem, earlier this year.

The new powers are part of Littering from Vehicles outside London (keepers: Civil penalties) Regulations 2018.

Chair of the Community Safety Committee, Councillor Jan Goold said: “Littering on our roads and in the countryside not only looks unsightly but is also costly to clean up."

"This new legislation means that for the first time Councils will be able to impose fines on the owners of vehicles from which litter is thrown, even if it was discarded by someone else. These new fines will make sure the perpetrators, not the local community, bear the cost of keeping our streets and roads clean.”

The fixed penalties will be £75 but if not paid within 28 days, this amount will double to £150.

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