£37,500 Saved Thanks To Broxtowe Refuse Reschedule

£37,500 Saved Thanks To Broxtowe Refuse Reschedule

11/02/19 - Broxtowe Borough Council has saved £37,500 on fuel used by its refuse vehicles.

Over 32,000 litres less diesel was used between April 2017 and March 2018, compared to the previous financial year, equating to around £37,500 less fuel consumption.

Chair of the Leisure and Environment Committee Councillor Shane Easom said: “We rescheduled our bin collection rounds in December 2017 to make them more efficient and whilst we know there are other factors which have helped reduce our fuel consumption such as reducing our fleet from 18 to 17 vehicles and the dry summer last year resulting in less garden waste, the round changes have certainly played a part in reducing costs.

“With more houses being built we are actually collecting more bins than ever so this cost saving is a fantastic achievement by the team who work hard to ensure a high quality and efficient service for our residents. It has also helped us to protect the environment for future generations by reducing fuel consumption and improving air quality.

“We’ll be continuing to monitor our fuel usage over the coming months and look for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint in the future.”

Each refuse vehicle uses approximately 12,000 litres of fuel a year collecting approximately 2,600 tonnes of waste, 900 tonnes of recycled waste and 3,000 tonnes of garden waste. 

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