Missed Bin Collections Statement

Missed Bin Collections Statement

Following a BBC News report the Council have issued the following statement:

Councillor Shane Easom, Chair of the Leisure and Environment Committee said, "Our Refuse Team works hard to make 3.7 million bin collections each year and only 0.3% of our collections were reported as missed in 2018. Missed bin reporting is a complex issue and it is important to note that there are other factors which mean the figures reported are not a true reflection of missed bins in the Borough."

"As a Council, we offer a service which many other authorities do not, by collecting any bin which has been reported as not being collected, regardless of whether this was due to it genuinely being missed by our crews or whether it was down to contamination of the recycling bin with non-recyclable items, the wrong bin being put out or the bin not being put out at all. This means that a proportion of the reported number of missed bins have not been missed by the Council."

"In December 2017, new collection rounds were introduced to help us collect waste and recycling more efficiently. Inevitably this caused an increased in reports of missed collections whilst we went through the transition phase with our residents and we are pleased to report that the latest reported missed bin figures for January 2019 are more than a 1,000 lower than in January 2018. These new rounds have also had a positive impact on our carbon footprint by helping to reduce the amount of fuel used by our refuse vehicles."

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