Colliers Wood Pond Given A New Lease Of Life

Colliers Wood Pond Given A New Lease Of Life

20/03/19 - Local wildlife will be able to enjoy a new, cleaner pond at Colliers Wood when it is partially drained later this month.

“As well as partially draining the pond, we’ll also be removing goldfish which have been placed in the pond over the years and re-homing them” said Mat Faulkner from MF Aquatics who is completing the work on behalf of Broxtowe Borough Council.

“It is actually illegal to introduce goldfish into the wild and they have bred so much that they are now so abundant that natural wildlife cannot survive. They also attract people to fish in the pond, which is not allowed and which has resulted in a number of injuries to local birds, harmed by discarded fishing lines."

“Whilst the water is low, we’ll also remove any other items that have been thrown in like bikes and shopping trollies.”                    

Part of the Council’s Clean and Green campaign, the project will make the water in the pond clearer and support a diverse range of native wildlife including newts, frogs, toads and dragonflies, as well as helping to establish native pond plants such as water lilies.

Find out more about Clean and Green.

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