Wollaton Couple Fined £20,000 For Planning Offences

Wollaton Couple Fined £20,000 For Planning Offences

A couple from Wollaton were handed a £20,000 fine after being found guilty of offences under the Town and Country Planning Act. They were also ordered to pay £1,140 prosecution costs and a £260 victim surcharge.

Mr Ishitaq Ahmed, (47) and Mrs Nila Ahmed (50), of 33 Wollaton Vale, appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court on 11th October after failing to comply with the requirements of a Planning Enforcement Notice.

The matter spanned over a number of years and involved various breaches of planning control, some of which had been resolved with retrospective planning permission and others by negotiation with the Council.

Complaints were received by the Council as long ago as 2013 when the Ahmed’s started to carry out works to the rear garden including erecting a number of outbuildings and creating a fish pond.  Council officers visited the property on numerous occasions over the years in an attempt to resolve matters however, the Ahmed’s continued to carry out work to the garden and at one point it is fair to say that the garden resembled a building site.

The Ahmed’s were granted planning permission to erect a pond with strict restrictions on the height of the pond walls, they failed to adhere to the planning permission.  In addition the Ahmed’s dug up the grassed area leading to a brook and replaced it with concrete, the intention it was said was to cover this area with artificial grass.

Planning permission would have been required to concrete the grass bank.

Because of Mr Ahmed’s reluctance to comply with the law, the Council served an Enforcement Notice in August 2017 requiring the height of the pond walls to be reduced and the concrete area to be removed and replaced with grass reinstating the banks of the brook with native plant species.  The Notice was ignored and the Council was left with no choice but to issue Court proceedings.

At the hearing, the Ahmeds pleaded guilty and between them were fined £20,000 in addition they were ordered to pay £260 victim surcharge and prosecution costs of £1,140.00.

The Magistrates’ said that the Ahmed’s had deliberately ignored the Council over a prolonged period of time and had been obstructive to the Court and to the Council they decided not to comply with the law and just did their own thing. The harm that they had caused to the landscape and the visual amenity of the area and the breach of the Planning Enforcement Notice was a serious matter and the harm that they had caused could not be ignored.

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