Bramcote Crematorium: Funerals Limited to 10 People

Bramcote Crematorium: Funerals Limited to 10 People

30/03/20 - Broxtowe and Erewash Borough Councils are urging residents not to attend any funerals at Bramcote Crematorium, unless they are immediate family members.

“Bereavements are a very difficult time for families and friends but sadly, in the challenging times we are currently in with the COVID-19 pandemic, we must follow the Government’s measures and limit the number of people attending funerals to an absolute maximum of 10 people, who should be immediate family only. If you are not one of those 10, please do not come to the Crematorium and please do not use any of the facilities at the Crematorium. Please note that the Book of Remembrance room is now closed and locked until further notice.

This is for everyone’s safety to help stop the spread of the virus to ensure we all keep as healthy as possible. These measures will constantly be reviewed but for now this is something that must be enforced.

If people do not comply with this, it may be necessary to cease having funeral services, that is not something which the Councils wish to do at what is a distressing time for families who are grieving. We also reserve the right to seek Police assistance in cases where our advice is ignored.

We understand it is not an easy decision to limit the number of people attending to say goodbye but I would like to make a plea to everyone to do the right thing to protect others and our staff and to consider making plans to celebrate and remember loved ones through memorial services and other celebrations when the pandemic is over,” said Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, Councillor Milan Radulovic MBE, on behalf of the Bramcote Bereavement Services Joint Committeee.


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