44th Mayor Installed In Broxtowe

44th Mayor Installed In Broxtowe

13/05/20 - Broxtowe Borough has a new Mayor. Councillor Janet Patrick, was installed as the 44th Mayor of the Borough of Broxtowe tonight (13th May) at the Annual Meeting of Broxtowe Borough Council.

Councillor Patrick, a Labour Councillor for Beeston West, is an active figure in the local community. She is a trustee of Citizens Advice Broxtowe where she has volunteered for many years. In 2011, Janet was elected to the Broxtowe Borough Council and represents the Council both on the CAB and the Beeston Consolidated Charity. Alongside being a Councillor and Trustee, she is a Methodist Local Preacher and worships with Methodists and Anglicans.

In 2014, with other local supporters, she opened a Beeston Memory Café at Middle Street Resources Centre for people living with dementia and their carers. She also led the campaign to welcome Syrian refugees to Broxtowe under the Government Resettlement Scheme and is a member of the Broxtowe Steering Group for Refugees and Asylum seekers.

Janet takes over from past Mayor (2019/20), Councillor Michael Brown, following his successful year in office which saw him undertake 246 engagements and raise over £3,600 for the Trent Cardiac Unit at Nottingham City Hospital. She will be supporting Citizens Advice Broxtowe in her year in office.

Councillor Richard MacRae, a Independent Councillor for Stapleford North will assist Janet as the Borough’s Deputy Mayor.

The meeting was held virtually in light of the current pandemic, with members of the public able to watch a live stream online.

If you would like to support the Mayor’s chosen charities or invite the new Mayor to a special event, please contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3210, email civic@broxtowe.gov.uk or visit www.broxtowe.gov.uk/civic

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