A second ‘Direction to Close’ notice is issued to keep pub in Kimberley closed

A second ‘Direction to Close’ notice is issued to keep pub in Kimberley closed

26/10/20 - The Queen’s Head pub, at 34 Main Street Kimberley, will remain closed for up to another four weeks as a second ‘Direction to Close’ notice is served.

The pub was forced to temporarily close to the public on 25 September 2020 after environmental health officers and the police reported finding significant breaches of COVID-19 rules. A ‘Direction to Close’ was issued which expired on 23 October. 

The closure has been reviewed every seven days and officers from Broxtowe Borough Council and the County Council have been trying to work with the business proprietors to help them put systems in place to adhere to COVID-19 requirements. Further work is needed before the premises can reopen safely, and officers have been unable to access the premises to assess whether the risks identified previously have since been remedied.

The new ‘Direction to Close’ will take affect from 6pm 23 October and may last until 20 November 2020 but will continue to be reviewed every seven days.

Jonathan Gribbin, Director of Public Health at Nottinghamshire County Council, said:

“The layout of the premises remains a concern and more needs to be done to ensure they are Covid – secure.  As coronavirus cases remain high, we need to do all we can to stop the spread of infection and businesses which continue to present a serious and imminent threat to public health will remain closed. The safety of staff, customers and the wider community is always our number one priority.”

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