Broxtowe residents asked to Go Green as part of climate change challenge

Broxtowe residents asked to Go Green as part of climate change challenge

27/01/21 - Broxtowe residents are being encouraged to sign up to a new Go Green Challenge as part of the Borough’s efforts to tackle climate change.

The challenge, run by Broxtowe Borough Council will bring weekly email challenges to residents over the course of six weeks to help families be more green in 2021 and beyond. Residents can sign up by visiting: 

The six-week email programme aims to equip residents with the knowledge and skills to help tackle waste volume issues created by their own family and invites residents to take on one element each week for six weeks, in their own homes. From meal planning to making plastic bottle bird feeders, there is a challenge for everyone.

Councillor Helen Skinner, Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Committee commented on the challenge:

“We want to inspire residents to make small but important changes to their lifestyle to become greener and kinder to the environment. Sometimes Climate Change can feel like an enormous task but if we all break it down into pieces we can tackle each day, as a community, we can make a difference.”

“We have made sure some of the challenges also tie in with at-home learning KS1 level, so it can offer ideas for new ways of learning about science. So many parents are home-schooling at the moment, these activities could help bring some of the learning to life. We hope families enjoy this great challenge and share what they learn and enjoy whilst taking part”.

Residents who sign up to the challenge will receive the Go Green Challenge emails over a six-week period. To sign up, visit:  



In July 2019, the Council declared a 'Climate Change Emergency' and committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2027. 60 projects have been completed as part of the Carbon Management Plan (which reduced the Council’s carbon footprint by 45%).

A new Environment and Climate Change Committee was established in 2019 and it is their mission to ensure climate change is at the forefront of minds in the Borough. The new Climate Change Programme document, written in 2020, details the plans for 2020 – 2027 and is available on the Council’s website.

This Climate Change and Green Futures Delivery Programme will allow Broxtowe Borough Council to act now and deliver an effective strategy, to reduce the Council’s carbon footprint but to also influence, encourage and assist familys, businesses and schools within the Borough, to strive towards the same goal. For more information:


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