Get Ready for Food Waste Action Week 2022

Get Ready for Food Waste Action Week 2022

04/03/22 - Join us in participating in Food Waste Action Week between 7 – 14 March 2022.

Food Waste Action Week is an incentive developed by the charity Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) as part of their ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ campaign. The campaign is designed to help residents  recognise the link between food waste and carbon emissions.

At Broxtowe we will work alongside WRAP to make our residents aware of the detrimental impact that food waste has on the planet so that together we can make the planet greener and save many species from extinction.

How is food waste linked with climate change?

81% of UK citizens are concerned about climate change, yet only 32% recognise how food waste is linked. What people often tend to forget is that “food waste” isn’t just the leftovers of food that are disposed of after eating – it’s also the greenhouse gases that are created when resources are used for growing food that goes to waste, such as the methane produced during cattle farming. When food is wasted, it’s also a massive waste of resources such as land, water and energy.

What are the current trends?

  • 30% of global carbon emissions are created from the production and distribution of food
  • 5 million tonnes of edible food is thrown away each year in the UK alone – the equivalent of 8 meals per week
  • 70% of all food wasted in the UK is wasted by citizens in their homes

The first Food Waste Action Week in 2021 was a success with many reporting changing their habits and trying to reduce food waste – nearly 75% of all UK citizens who saw the campaign either actively reduced their food waste or planned to reduce food waste. However, with the pandemic ending more people are going back to old habits.

What can you do to reduce food waste?

During Food Waste Action Week 2022 we are asking Broxtowe residents to make the connection between food waste and climate change and incorporate simple but effective habits such as these into their daily lives:

  • Use leftover food to create new delicious dishes – there are some amazingly easy leftover recipes(Opens in a New Window)
  • Consider adopting a more sustainable diet – reduce your meat intake or go plant-based
  • Love your wonky veg – over 10m tonnes of ‘imperfect’ fruit and veg is wasted every year despite the fact it tastes no different!
  • Always check use-by dates of any food – only buy what you know you’re going to use before it expires
  • Is your fridge cold enough? – millions of UK fridges are at least 2°C too warm when it should be set at 0 - 5°C.

Follow our social media channels where we will provide updates on Food Waste Action Week and further tips on how you can cut down on your waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

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