Tiles UK demolition paves the way for new £5m business and retail space in Stapleford

Tiles UK demolition paves the way for new £5m business and retail space in Stapleford

18/11/22 - A brand new £5m Enterprise Hub is on the horizon for Stapleford following the demolition of the old Tiles UK building on Derby Road.

The Hub will be an exciting destination for independent bistro style food outlets with space to host vibrant markets, events,Councillor Tim Hallam and Paul Sweeney creative and functional activities on the ground floor, flexible office space for start-ups and existing business on the first floor, and a community roof garden terrace on the second floor.

It will be built on the current Victoria Street car park which will move to the cleared Tiles UK site. Victoria Street car park will not be closed until the new car park has been completed.

The Enterprise Hub is one of six projects being funded through Stapleford’s £21m Towns Fund, a Government scheme which aims to regenerate and revitalise towns across the UK.

Paul Sweeney, Vice Chair of the Stapleford Towns Fund Board, said: ''Local people told us it was important to them to bring the high street back to life. We have too many vacant and derelict buildings which has a negative impact on people’s perceptions of our town, as well as local pride.''

“The Enterprise Hub project was designed to transform the town centre, to attract more people to come to work and shop, and enjoy their spare time eating, drinking and socialising too. We know this will breathe life back into our great little town and make it the place we know it can be.”

Milan Radulovic MBE, Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, said: “This exciting new £5m Enterprise Hub will give people a vibrant working and living offer that will appeal to different people at different times. We want Stapleford to stand as a model for what a small town can achieve. We’ve seen the success of Beeston and know Stapleford has got what it takes too.”

Construction of the Enterprise Hub will begin once the new car park has been opened on Derby Road. The Hub will be open for business in 2024/25 – more information will be shared publicly when it is available.


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