Beeston and Wollaton to receive a new Flood Warning Service

Beeston and Wollaton to receive a new Flood Warning Service

5/09/22 - The Environment Agency is pleased to announce that a new Flood Warning Service is now available for the Beeston and Wollaton communities.

Flood Warnings tell people about expected risk of flooding to their home or business and help people make informed decisions about how to respond. This new service provides a warning to the 352 properties which are at risk of flooding from the Tottle Brook 

There are three types of messages that the Environment Agency issues – Flood Alert, Flood Warning and Severe Flood Warning.  

A Flood Alert informs the public of the possibility of flooding to low-lying land and roads, and advises people to avoid riverside footpaths and take diversions to reduce the risk of encountering flooded roads.  

A Flood Warning encourages people to act now, which means moving family, pets and cars to safety, turning off gas, water and electricity, and ensuring that your medicines, insurance documents and anything else you wouldn't want to lose in a flood is safe. 

A Severe Flood Warning means you are in immediate danger, and you must follow advice from emergency services. 

The new Flood Warning for Beeston and Wollaton aims to provide timely information for the Tottle Brook. As a new service, the Environment Agency is keen to work with the community to ensure that this Flood Warning is as accurate as possible. They have a network of volunteer Flood Wardens in flood risk areas across the country, who help their communities to prepare for and respond to flooding. They also act as a direct link to the Environment Agency, giving duty officers information from the community and feedback about our warning service. If you are interested in this role, please contact in a New Window) 

To register to receive this new Flood Warning Service, please call Floodline on 0345 988 1188, or visit in a New Window)  


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