Broxtowe Borough flies the flag to honour Merchant Navy

1/9/2023 - Broxtowe Borough Council marked Merchant Navy Day by raising the Red Ensign flag in a special flag raising ceremony on Friday 1 September 2023.

Deputy Mayor of Broxtowe, Councillor Sue Paterson was joined by Deputy Lieutenant Judith Swann to raise the Red Ensign flag at the flag pole in Beeston Square, Beeston. They were joined by other guests including Leader of the Council, Milan Radulovic MBE. Merchant Navy Day Flag Raising 2023

At the same time, hundreds of places across Britain also took part in Seafarers UK's Fly the Red Ensign campaign, to honour the brave men and women who kept our nation afloat during both world wars, and to celebrate the modern day Merchant Navy seafarers who are responsible for 90% of the UK’s imports, including food and other goods reaching ports and shops.

Since the start of this century, 3 September has been the UK’s designated Merchant Navy Day.

Our nation’s dependence on the Merchant Navy is high, 90% of our imports are carried by ship. Without regular fuel imports our power stations would soon shut down. And with more sea ports and harbours and a longer coastline than any other European country, we depend on the Merchant Navy to ship more than 75% of our exports.