Statement from the Leader on Kimberley Gym and Swim

Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, Councillor Milan Radulovic MBE has shared the following statement.

Negotiations have been ongoing between the Council, Liberty Leisure Ltd, and Kimberley School for a few months, with all parties working together to ensure leisure provision in Kimberley in the future.

Regrettably, these negotiations have now reached a stage where the Council can no longer commit to the very significant financial contributions proposed by the school to maintain the Kimberley Gym and Swim arrangements.

This is understandably a very distressing time for the employees at Kimberley Gym and Swim and they are being fully supported, including looking at redeployment opportunities within the Council and its other leisure facilities should redundancies have to be made.

We also understand that this will be disappointing news to our customers, members, residents and the community who use the fitness and swimming facilities operated at the site by Liberty Leisure Ltd.

Liberty Leisure Ltd will continue to operate gym and fitness classes, swimming, including Swim School and Exercise Referral until 31 March 2024. We know that access to leisure facilities is important to residents as a way to live healthy, active lives so Liberty Leisure Ltd, the Council’s Leisure company will be working with Council Officers to seek alternative leisure sites in the north of the Borough.

Communications Team