Statement on Brinsley Headstocks

Earlier this year the Brinsley Headstocks were fenced off from the general public after an inspection from a structural engineer highlighted safety concerns regarding the wooden structure.

Regular site inspections were undertaken, whilst a number of options for the Headstocks were considered. Signs were erected on the site to inform residents of the situation and the Friends of Brinsley Headstocks were kept informed.

At the beginning of September 2023, the metal colliery wheels were removed, in the hope that the timbers from the towers could be salvaged. However, a more recent site inspection highlighted that the wooden structure had further deteriorated and posed a risk to public safety.

Given the continued decline, it became obvious that restoration of the structure, as it currently stood was no longer possible. The best course of action from a Health and Safety perspective, was to have the Headstocks carefully dismantled, salvaging as many original timbers and the ironwork from the structure as possible.

Options for the Headstocks are now being carefully considered. A decision will be reached in the new year.