People invited to have their say on new Strategic Plan for the Greater Nottingham Area

3/1/23 - Residents, organisations and businesses are being asked to have their say on the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan to help shape future planning for the area.

Councils are required to set out strategic policies to address local priorities for development. Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe Borough Councils along with Nottingham City Council are developing a joint Strategic Plan, which sets out the policies which will help guide future development across their combined areas.

The plan will look at how Greater Nottingham’s longer-term development needs can be met up to 2038 supported by more detailed policies which will be developed in each Council’s own individual Local Plan. The plan will outline the approach to meeting housing need and includes housing targets for each Council area based on the Government’s standard methodology. The Councils have written a ‘Preferred Approach’ document which will form the basis of the Strategic Plan.  It will be published on 3rd January 2023 for consultation, to seek views on the proposed strategy and vision, the approach to housing and employment provision and the proposed strategic sites.

Being able to plan for future development needs such as housing and economic growth is important to the prosperity of local people. Planning for development will also provide a vital stimulus to the local economy, which will help the area recover from the impact of Covid 19, by encouraging investment, which helps to create jobs and supply chain business.

Once approved, the document, along with other planning policies, can be used for guidance by developers and planners as part of the planning process.

Consultation responses to the Preferred Approach document will feed into a full draft of the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan, which will aim to:

  • Have the right number and types of new homes, which are built in the right places and meet the needs of our local population and diverse communities;
  • Protect, enhance and increase the area’s natural resources, blue and green infrastructure, landscapes, heritage and biodiversity;
  • Ensure new developments address the causes and effects of climate change, assisting each council’s ambition to become carbon neutral;
  • Create vibrant and viable city and town centres, which are sustainable and are places where people want to live and work;
  • Provide the right conditions for economic development which generates new jobs and economic growth, and to enable strong, safe and healthier communities.

Approval of the Strategic Plan is a matter for each Council and the Preferred Approach document has been considered by each Council’s Cabinet, endorsing the consultation to commence on 3rd January 2023 for six weeks.

Councillor Milan Radulovic MBE,  Chair of the Greater Nottingham Joint Planning Advisory Board, said: “The Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan will help us plan for a better future, recover quicker from the Covid 19 crisis, and contribute to progress on making Greater Nottingham a great place to live and work, to visit or do business in.  The consultation on the Preferred Approach is an important part of this process.

“We welcome views from residents, organisations and businesses, and encourage anyone who would like to help shape how we plan for our future development to have their say on the plans which are available to view online.”

Once the consultation has closed, comments will be considered and a summary of responses made available along with the Councils’ response.  A draft Strategic Plan will be published next year when there will be a further opportunity to comment.

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