The female of the Species

The female of the Species

A witty, sophisticated comedy (some strong language)which deals with themes of responsibility, family, and political correctness; when a famous feminist writer finds her words (and a very angry ex-student) coming back to haunt her.




7:30 PM - 9:40 PM

This event occurs Daily from 20 Nov 2019 to 23 Nov 2019


Six quirky characters, all with strong feelings that they have been badly treated, meet and play out their conflicts around a hostage situation - an inefficient home-intruder with a very real grudge and a gun, a notorious feninist who can't see why she might be found offensive, a cabby who feels he's tried very, VERY hard to be a "new man", a daughter who feels exhausted by motherhood and just wants to know who her father is, are among the characters who really all just want to be loved (and in some cases to make a lot of money)

Duchess Theare, Westgate, Long Eaton NG10 1EF 07770780587


The Duchess Theatre, Chatsworth Centre Chatsworth Arts Centre W Gate Long Eaton Nottingham NG10 1EF, United Kingdom

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