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Jill Kingaby BSc (Econ) MSc MRTPI was appointed to undertake the Independent Examination of the Cossall Neighbourhood Plan. The Independent Examiner’s Report (Opens in New Window) was received by the Borough Council on 9 November 2023.

The Cossall Neighbourhood Plan and the Independent Examiner’s Report will be considered by Cabinet at its meeting on 5 December 2023. Further information will be available on the Borough Council’s website page for the 5 December 2023 Cabinet Meeting (Opens in a New Window), a week before the meeting is scheduled to take place.

Approval from Cabinet will be sought to amend the Neighbourhood Plan as recommended by the Independent Examiner’s Report, and subject to Cabinet concluding that the Neighbourhood Plan, as modified, will meet the Basic Conditions, approval will be sought for a referendum to be arranged.

Once further information is available, it will be added to this website page.

Correspondence relating to the Independent Examination:

On 31st July 2023, the Independent Examiner sent the Borough Council and Parish Council a ‘Procedural Letter(.pdf)(210 KB)(Opens in New Window)’ (Opens in a new Window).

Neighbourhood Plan Submission:

Cossall Parish Council submitted the Cossall Neighbourhood Plan to Broxtowe Borough Council on Thursday 9th March 2023.

In accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), Broxtowe Borough Council consulted upon the draft Cossall Neighbourhood Plan.

The consultation ended on Friday 14th July 2023.

The Neighbourhood Plan and related documents can be viewed below:

A ‘Notice of Consultation(.pdf)(158KB)(Opens in New Window)’ (Opens in a New Window) was prepared by Broxtowe Borough Council.

Consultation Responses:

A document including redacted versions of the consultation responses(.pdf)(10.7MB)(Opens in New Window) (Opens in a New Window) received to the Regulation 16 Consultation during the consultation period has been prepared by the Borough Council. A consultation response has also been received from Sport England(.pdf)(150KB)(Opens in New Window) (Opens in a New Window).

A further response(.pdf)(624KB)(Opens in New Window) (Opens in a New Window) (dated 24 July 2023) setting out some observations has been received from Cossall Parish Council.


If you require any further information or assistance in relation to this public consultation or the Neighbourhood Plan document, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Policy Team on 0115 917 3452 or 3015. You can also email us at

Data Protection

Please note that the comment(s) you submit on the Cossall Neighbourhood Plan will be used in the plan process and may be in use for the lifetime of the Cossall Neighbourhood Plan in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. The information will be analysed and Broxtowe Borough Council will consider issues raised. Please note that comments cannot be treated as confidential and will be made available for public inspection. Comments will be forwarded to the Independent Examiner and made available on the Borough Council’s website. A copy of Broxtowe Borough Council’s Planning Policy Privacy Notice (Opens in a New Window) is available on the Borough Council’s website.

Cossall Parish Map

Neighbourhood Area Designation:

If you wish to be involved in the production of the Neighbourhood Plan please contact Cossall Parish Council (Opens in a New Window) (Opens in a New Window) directly.