Town Centre Performance

The Council regularly gather information on various key performance indicators, including a monthly occupancy check of each town centre and compare this data against other centres across the country.

Footfall figures are provided to the Council via reports from Elephant WiFi (Opens in a New Window). Each report is produced from data captured by several access points installed as part of the upcoming free public Wi-Fi networks. Mobile devices and their signal interaction with these access points is interpreted using GEO Sense Technology to provide detailed footfall analysis. For a daily breakdown, including weather detail or previous weekly figures please contact the Economic Regeneration Team directly.

Occupancy figures are recorded as part of regular site visits to assess the amount of occupied ground floor retail and leisure properties, note their condition and update any commercial property agent details marketing the space.

Please see the below monthly headline footfall data for December 2022.


  • The change in footfall compared to the previous month is a -2% decrease.
  • The total number of visitors was 59,006 of which 44,948 (76%) have visited previously and 14,058 (24%) were new.
  • The average number of visitors per day has decrease by -7% based on the year to date average.
  • Footfall for the year to date has increased by -5% (-38,028) based on the same period last year.
  • The busiest zone during December was the Warren Ave with 42,823 visitors, 73% of the total venue visitors.

Busiest Days

  • The busiest day this month was Thursday 8th with 2,604, 4% of the total of which 625 (24%) were new
  • During this day the busiest time was between 8:00 and 9:00.
  • Average Dwell for the day was 165 minutes.

Town Centre Occupancy Rates - October 2022

The table below shows occupancy rates for ground floor retail and leisure capable premises which are updated quarterly, as well as a national average bench mark.

Table displaying the percentage of occupied ground floor retail units within each town centre boundary
Town Centre % Occupied Units +/- Previous Month
















*National occupancy comparable figure last updated  July 2022. This figure is usually checked each quarter.  'Previous Month' figure for National Occupancy is based on the previous quarter data from Springboard.  

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