Upcoming Elections

Information about upcoming elections in the Broxtowe Borough will be available on this page.

There are currently no elections scheduled to take place in the Broxtowe Borough.

The results for the elections that took place on Thursday 4 May 2023 can be viewed here.

Voter ID

The Government introduced a requirement for voters to show photo ID when voting at a polling station.  The Electoral Commission have produced a booklet with information which can be viewed here (.pdf)(1.25MB)(Opens in a New Window)

Most voters may already have photo ID that will be accepted, such as:

Photo ID post-it

  • Passport
  • Photocard Driving licence (including provisional licence)
  • Blue badge
  • Certain concessionary travel cards
  • Identity card with PASS mark (Proof of Age Standards Scheme)
  • Biometric Immigration document

For a full list of accepted photo ID, please visit the Electoral Commission website (Opens in a New Window).

More resources regarding Voter ID can be found here.

What if I don't have an acceptable form of photo ID?

If you don’t already have an accepted form of photo ID, or you’re not sure whether your photo ID still looks like you, you can apply for a free voter ID document, known as a Voter Authority Certificate (Opens in a New Window).

Click here for more information about Voter ID (Opens in a New Window).

Do I need photo ID to vote by post?

You will not need to provide photo ID to vote by post.  This is because there are other identification checks, including verification of your signature and date of birth, both when you apply for a postal vote and when you submit your ballot paper.





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