Your Rent

Your Rent

This page contains information relating to frequently asked questions about your housing rent.

Pay Your Rent

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This page includes answers to the following questions:

How, where and when can I pay my rent?

  • Pay Online - Payments can be made online
  • Standing Order - Your payments can be made monthly in advance from your bank account via a standing order. To arrange a standing order please contact our Rents Section and an instruction will be sent to you. Once completed please give this to your bank to action.
  • By Post - Payments can be made by cheque or postal order via the post. Remember to write your name, address and account number on the reverse of the cheque or postal order.
  • Telephone Payments - You can also make payments on telephone number 0845 8350144. Please note we cannot accept payments by Credit Card.

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I am finding it difficult to pay my rent, what can I do?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent please contact the Rents team as soon as possible, who will be able to discuss your situation with you and offer help and advice.  The sooner we are aware that you are having difficulties the easier it will be for us to help you.

Please note that failure to make regular rent payments on time may put you at risk of losing your home.

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What is my Tenancy Statement?

A tenancy statement is sent to you every three months and provides an overview of your rent account.  It shows charges raised against your account and payments received.  It assists you to make sure your rent and charges are paid on time.

Your statement may show a management charge.  In most cases it will show a management charge credit, which means you are not liable to pay the management charge.  If your statement shows a management charge, but does not show a management charge credit, you are liable to pay the charge.

If your statement shows a Housing Benefit payment and you have a query regarding the amount being received, please contact the Housing Benefits team.

If your statement shows that you have arrears and you do not have an arrangement in place to repay these, please contact the Rents team as soon as possible to discuss.

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A key to understanding your Tenancy Statement

Below is an explanation of the 'Description' column of your tenancy statement:

  • Rent - This is the weekly rent due before any credits have been awarded

  • HB Cyclical Payment - This is the regular Housing Benefit payment awarded to your rent account

  • HB Overpayment - This is a Housing Benefit debit charge, which has been added to your rent account and which you are required to pay.  This charge has arisen because you have previously been awarded Housing Benefit that you are not entitled to

  • HB Underpayment - This a Housing Benefit credit, which has been added to your account.  This credit has arisen as you were entitled to Housing Benefit for a previous period

  • HB Instalment Overpayment - This is an overpayment of Housing Benefit, which has been added to your account.  This amount is usually added every week until the overpayment has been paid

  • Management Charge - This is a weekly charge for people who live in Retirement Living properties

  • Management Charge Credit - This is a credit paid for by Broxtowe Borough Council

  • Management Charge - Protected Rights - This is a credit funded by Broxtowe Borough Council, which pays the charge

  • Insurance - This is added to the rent account if you have contents insurance

  • Court Costs/Warrant Fees - These are court fees added to the rent account following possession proceedings

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I used to be a tenant, how can I pay rent that I owe?

If you are a former tenant, or are about to become a former tenant of Broxtowe Borough Council and have rent owing on one of our properties or garages, it is important that you contact the Rents team as soon as possible to make an arrangement to repay the money.  If there are arrears on your account it will be reviewed every week and action may be taken against anyone failing to repay the debt or contact us.

We must take further action if the outstanding rent is not paid, if you:

  • Do not supply us with your forwarding address, we may use a tracing agency to confirm where you currently live

  • Are in current employment and refuse to pay your debt, we can ask the Court to instruct your employers to repay the money direct from your salary

  • Own a home, or become a home owner and refuse to pay your debt, we can get a Charging Order from the Court, which can stop you from selling your property without paying the debt first

In addition:

  • We may take legal action - for example, a County Court judgement against you to recover the debt.  This could stop you from getting credit with catalogue companies, personal loan firms and mortgage lenders

  • We may instruct bailiffs to take possession of your belongings.  These can be sold to help pay off your debt

  • We can refuse to re-house you, if you fail to make a suitable arrangement to repay the debt

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How do I claim back overpaid rent?

If your rent account is in credit you can contact the Rents team and they will arrange for you to receive a refund if you are entitled to one.

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I have recently moved home, what do I need to do regarding my rent account(s)?

You rent account(s) will need to be paid in full.  If you are having difficulty doing this, please contact the Rents team for advice. If you have a home contents policy through Broxtowe Borough Council this will be cancelled unless otherwise requested through the Rents team.  If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit you will need to advice the Housing Benefit team immediately.

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How does Universal Credit work?

Find out more on our Universal Credit webpage.

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