Listed Buildings

Historic England designates lists of buildings of special architectural or historic importance, which are the subjects of separate legislation.

Consent is required from the Borough Council for demolition of whole or part of a listed building, or any structure within its curtilage, and for any works of alteration, extension, repainting or repair which would affect its special interest.

It is a criminal offence to carry out any such works without consent. Anyone wishing to undertake any work to listed buildings is advised to check with the Council's planning officers.

All work to listed buildings should aim to retain original features and where repairs are necessary, similar materials should be used to those being replaced.

To find out more about the listed buildings in our area, you can go to our Listed Building maps page, (Opens in a New Window) (Opens in New Window) where you can find more information about each listings.

To find out further information about a listing in our borough or else where in the country, you can go to the Historic England website (Opens in a New Window) (Opens in New Window). There you can search all the listings (Opens in a New Window) (Opens in New Window) or you can do an advanced search (Opens in a New Window) (Opens in New Window).

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