There is no precise definition of litter. It can mean anything from a crisp packet to a sack of rubbish or discarded food. It is criminal offence to drop litter and you could be fined up to £2,500.

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Litter Enforcement

As a result of better rules introduced in April 2006, neighbourhood Wardens are now able to issue a fixed penalty notice to anyone seen dropping litter in the borough, the Fixed Penalty Notice for this is £75.00.

Littering is an illegal, anti-social activity that creates a negative impression of an area and contributes to people's fear of crime.  The most commonly found litter is cigarette ends, followed by sweet and food wrappers.  Litter looks messy, can be dangerous and brings a neighbourhood down.  It can take a long time for litter to decompose ie a carrier bag takes between 10-20 years.

If your street, road or park has an accumulation of litter please contact us to report the problem.

There are approximately 700 litter bins within the Broxtowe Borough.  Each bin is emptied at least once per week with many high-use bins being emptied daily.  The bins installed are dual-purpose bins which can also be used for bagged dog waste.  A dual-purpose bin will be identified as such by a sticker.

A lack of a bin is no defence to the offence of dropping litter or cleaning up after your dog.  Fixed penalty notices are issued to culprits who do not use the bins provided.

Neighbourhood Wardens
tel: 0115 917 3142