Licensing Appeals and Complaints

Information on the licensing appeals and complaints process for applicants and consumers.


Upon refusal or granting of a licence you will be provided with the relevant information necessary to appeal the decision or complain should you be unhappy with it.

If you disagree or are unhappy with a decision, please contact us in the first instance. If you remain unhappy you are entitled to appeal.


If you believe a premises is operating without a licence, you have concerns regarding the operation of a business or you believe an entry on a register is incorrect,  please contact us.

If a consumer has a complaint with a trader, first contact should be made with the trader preferably in the form of a letter with proof of delivery. If your complaint is not dealt with you can get advice from Consumer Direct for UK Citizens and the UK European Consumer Centre for those outside of the UK.

If you object to an application for a licence, you must provide written notice of your objection to the Council, stating your grounds for objection, within 28 days of the date of the application. If objections are raised, a hearing may be held for the licence holder and other interested parties, potentially including the police and other responsible authorities, to resolve the case.

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