Use of Town Squares

The town centre squares are currently available to book for various different uses including markets, community events, charitable collections and commercial activity.

Application Process

All applicants should first contact the Council to discuss the type of booking and be advised accordingly of next steps. Completed application forms should then be returned to the Markets Officer - Clair Storey on 0115 917 3588, 07510 304615 or

The most up to date 'Use of Town Squares' application forms, including indemnity and the conditions of use are available on request. Please do not attempt to submit applications using previous versions of these documents. It is advised not to retain application forms on file to avoid this.

We do not take provisional bookings for the use of any of our town squares.



The Council now operates it's own Monday and Wednesday weekly general markets in The Square, Beeston and Thursday weekly general market at Walter Parker V.C Memorial Square, Stapleford.


  • Stall holder ground rent for a single market day per 3x3m plot, is charged at £15 (ad-hoc bookings/trial days). Multiple plots can be purchased at an additional charge.
  • Stall holders that wish to attend our markets more regularly can benefit from a reduced ground rent of £10 per single market day, per 3x3m plot. In order to qualify for this reduced tariff, a stall holder must pay for an entire month in advance. For example, a stall holder that wishes to attend every Monday market only during June 2022 (four Mondays), on a 3x3m stall plot, can pay a reduced tariff of £40 to do so. Otherwise, single market day tariff applies per 3x3m plot.

Stapleford and Kimberley

Stapleford and Kimberley have newly established weekly markets and therefore introductory offers on stall holder ground rent to encourage new regular traders are available. Once the Stapleford and Kimberley market introductory ground rents have ended, they will go on to be charged at the same rates as Beeston (details above).

For more information visit our Markets Page. 

Other Commercial Use

The Council will continue to charge for permits allowing the use of the town squares for commercial activity, such as promotional stall holders, catering vans/trailers (excluding markets).

As of Monday 5th April 2021, the price for a permit to allow the use of our town squares is on application.

Commercial rates will be reviewed and are subject to change at any time

Payment for Squares Use Permits

Advanced payment is advisable to ensure preferred dates are available to applicants. We are currently able to accept payment for permits covering market days/commercial use up to 1 year in advance. Applications will be approved at the Council' s discretion, with all permits to be paid for in full at least 28 days in advance and are non-refundable.

Electricity Supply

Further to the use of the square permits, an electricity supply is also available at a charge of £20+VAT per day (£10+VAT for registered charities and schools).

Beeston Square Note: Applicants for space in The Square, Beeston should also be aware that there are currently two permanent plot holders that require partial use of the area and necessary access.

Christmas Trees in Squares: There will be a large Christmas tree in position at squares in Beeston, Kimberley and Stapleford from mid-November to early January annually, which may limit the room available for bookings.

All costs and eligibility of square use for applicants is subject to change at any time. Tacit consent for squares usage does not apply - i.e. if you have not heard from us following your application, this does not mean permission has been granted. If you are still waiting for a permit 28 days after confirmation we have received an application, please contact us.

tel: 0115 917 3588