Street Cleaning Programme

The Council streets are divided into zones, depending on the volume of traffic using the streets each day. The more frequently the road is used, the more often it will be cleansed.

Reporting a street cleansing issue

You can now  report street cleansing issues online. (Opens in a New Window)

Street Cleansing Programme

However, if the visual appearance of an area should deteriorate to an unacceptable level between cleans, it will be cleaned up within the prescribed time as stated in the Litter Code of Practice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

The council have mobile cleansing teams who are responsible for general litter clearance, low level graffiti removal, litter bin installations, fly posting removal, fly tipping removal and public complaints.

You can help us by:

  • Being tidy with your litter and chewing gum

  • Using the free household waste recycling centres

  • Having waste collection contracts for your business

  • Not leaving your dogs mess for others

  • Not 'Fly-Posting' - it's untidy and illegal

  • Not parking where you want us to clean

  • Reporting any incidents of fly-tipping, fly-posting or acts of graffiti to the Council

  • Report anything else blocking or obstructing the highway to Nottinghamshire County Council on 0300 500 8080

Weed Killing

Weed Killing is undertaken by the Council on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council. The Council currently use a specialist contractor, Via EM to undertake the work.

  • Spraying commences every May and September to reduce weed population.

  • Spraying covers pavements, road channels and around street furniture, trees and lamp posts.

  • Each operation consists of a six weekly programme if the weather permits.

  • The chemical used for weed killing is systematic and will therefore only work on weeds.

  • On contact with the ground or soil the chemical is neutralised.

  • The chemical poses little or no risk to animal health.

  • The chemical takes three weeks to kill the weeds completely.

  • Any untreated or missed weeds are retreated as soon as possible.

Highway Weed Killing and Grass Cutting

Information on Highway Weed Killing and Grass Cutting

Grounds Maintenance
tel: 0115 917 7777
Nottinghamshire County Council
tel: 0300 500 8080