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Arboricultural Association Logo

The Arboricultural Association (Opens in a New Window)

To foster interest in trees through publications, exhibitions and the stimulation of research or experiment.

Forestry Commission Logo

The Forestry Commission (Opens in a New Window)

Our forests and woods can contribute so much to our nation. The Forestry Commission deliver practical programmes to make sure that, as communities and individuals, we can get the most from them.  The Forestry Commission are constantly looking for ways to share our knowledge, plan activities and develop new initiatives to provide benefits for the economy and for our health and well being.

International Society of Arboriculture Logo

The International Society of Arboriculture (Opens in a New Window)

The International Society of Arboriculture is a worldwide professional organization dedicated to fostering a greater appreciation for trees and to promoting research, technology, and the professional practice of arboriculture. 

The Tree Council Logo

The Tree Council (Opens in a New Window)

The Tree Council is the lead tree campaigning charity, an umbrella body for over 150 UK organisations working to promote the importance of trees within the changing environment.

The Woodland Trust Logo

The Woodland Trust (Opens in a New Window)

Woodland Trust is the UK's leading woodland conservation charity. By acquiring sites and campaigning for woodland, we aim to conserve, restore and re-establish native woodland to its former glory. Currently The Woodland Trust own and care for over 1,000 woods, covering over 50,000 acres. 

Hedgeline Logo

Hedgeline (Opens in a New Window)

Campaign for Effective Legislative Control of Problem High Hedges of all species, in residential areas of the UK

  • Nottinghamshire County Council

  • Greenwood Community Forest

Greenwood is Nottinghamshire's Community Forest, and with a working partnership is transforming the local landscape to make it a greener and healthier place to be - on the doorsteps of over a million people living in and around the towns of Nottinghamshire. 

Ancient Tree Forum Logo

Ancient Tree Forum (Opens in a New Window)

Advocacy for greater protection and best conservation practice, specialist research and increasing people's enjoyment of ancient trees.

International Tree Foundation Logo

The Tree Foundation (Opens in a New Window)

The Tree Foundation pursues and promotes research, education, and exploration to advance the conservation of our planet's botanical resources and ecosystems dependent upon them. 

Royal Forestry Society Logo

The Royal Forestry Society (Opens in a New Window)

The Royal Forestry Society was born way back in 1882 when a group of foresters in Northumberland got together to exchange news and views about silviculture. It had 71 members. 

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