Grant Aid for Voluntary Organisations and Individuals Involved in Sport and The Arts

Broxtowe Borough Council provides financial assistance to voluntary organisations and other bodies together with a limited amount of funding to individuals. The purpose of this guide is to provide general information relating to these types of grants.

Applicants should note that due to the extensive demands on the Council's funds, the Council will normally only commit itself to fund an organisation or individual for a single year. Only in exceptional circumstances will funding be granted for longer periods.

All applications, whether considered by Cabinet or the relevant Chief Officer, will be considered on their own merits and assessed against the criteria laid down by the Council.

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Voluntary Organisations and Other Bodies

The Council is committed to supporting and promoting a vibrant voluntary sector in the Borough. One way in which it seeks to achieve this is by providing financial assistance to local organisations and national charities that have a base or strong presence in Broxtowe.

Who is Eligible To Apply?

  • Age Concern Groups

  • Caring Organisations

  • Citizens Advice Bureaux

  • Community Associations/Residents Groups

  • Conservation and Environmental Groups

  • Pre-School Playgroups/Parent and Toddler Groups

  • National Appeals

  • Senior Citizens GroupsOAP Welfare Organisations

  • Sports Clubs

  • Volunteer Bureaux

  • Other Groups

Guiding Principles

Each application is considered on its merits although there are a number of fundamental principles underlying the Council’s grant aid policy, namely:

  • Organisations must be open to all regardless of race, creed, sex or political affiliation;
  • Services provided by the organisation must be in addition or complementary to those services provided by the Council and in accordance with the existing policies and objectives of the Council;
  • Organisations must be able to demonstrate that either through the direct provision of services or other means they benefit the people of Broxtowe thereby enhancing the quality of life of the local community.
  • Grants will be awarded for revenue purposes only, although in exceptional circumstances the Council may consider requests for assistance towards one-off planned capital expenditure on buildings or items of equipment.

All organisations requesting grant aid must be able to demonstrate that they are appropriately managed and that arrangements have been put in place to ensure the proper conduct of their financial affairs.  Organisations should be able to provide a constitution or set of rules and supply their latest set of financial accounts that should be audited, preferably by an independent person.  Applicants must agree to allow the Council to inspect its financial records, including bank statements, at any time.

Revenue Grants

Revenue grants are awarded to organisations in assist with day-to-day running costs incurred in providing services to local residents. The maximum individual grant available for this purpose varies according to both the type of organisation and the services they provide. Applicants should note that in assessing applications the Council seeks evidence of the organisation’s own fund raising efforts together with funding from other sources.  No grant aid will be awarded to organisations whose sole source of income would be grant aid from the Council.

Revenue grants to Community and Residents Associations, Pre-School Playgroups/ Parent and Toddler Groups/Senior Citizens Groups/OAP Welfare Organisations, Sports Clubs and other groups can be awarded under delegated authority with the maximum annual grant payable being £250.

Additional funding above this amount may be available where groups can demonstrate that they are addressing the particular needs of disadvantaged sections of the community.  Cabinet considers all applications for additional funding of this type.

Capital Grants

In exceptional circumstances, consideration may be given to requests for assistance towards one-off, planned capital expenditure.

If approved, a grant would normally cover part of the project cost, typically 25% or 50% and applicants should ensure that they are able to meet the remaining cost of the project from either their own funds or other sources of income. The final decision on the level of grant award the rests with Cabinet, which has the power to award a grant at a higher or lower level.

Before any capital grants is paid, applicants are required to submit paid invoices to the Council as proof that the work has been carried out and paid for.

Restrictions and Exclusions

Applicants should note that due to the extensive demands on its funds, the Council will normally only commit itself to fund an organisation or individual for a single year. Only in exceptional circumstances will funding be granted for longer periods.

The Council will not fund political groups or projects that promote political beliefs, religious groups or activities promoting religious beliefs or animal welfare charities. 

Applications from religious/belief based groups may be considered if the organisation can demonstrate that the project is of wider community benefit and does not involve the promotion of religion or belief.  An example would be a request towards the cost of repairs to community facilities.

Applications from national organisations based outside the borough are normally refused unless a strong link with the Borough can be demonstrated.  For example, a majority of an organisation’s membership may live within the borough or a group can show that it directly benefits an identifiable number of borough residents.

The Council will not normally approve grants retrospectively towards projects that have already taken place or expenditure that has already been committed.

All grants are awarded on the condition that they are only used for the purpose for which they were intended.  If grants are otherwise applied the organisation or individual concerned may be liable to repay the grant to the Council.

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Individuals Involved In Sports And The Arts

These grants are only made to individuals who are amateurs and whose excellence is of national or international significance such that a grant would allow individuals to participate in a national or international event or to achieve that status.  As a general guide an individual undertaking sporting activities should have reached regional standard as a minimum.

The Council will not normally provide grant aid for expenses which have already been incurred or committed.

Further information is available within the Grant Aid Policy.

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Application Procedure

The completed application form and any other associated documentation should be returned by email to or in writing to the address shown on the application form.

The application will be processed upon receipt and applicants will receive a written acknowledgement of their request for financial assistance.  If any further information is required the applicant will be contacted directly.

All applications will be considered on their own merits and assessed against the criteria laid down by the Council.  In some instances the relevant Chief Officer has the delegated authority to award grant aid up to a specified level.  Where this is not the case, applications are submitted to a programmed meeting of the Cabinet and applicants will then be informed of the decision in writing shortly afterwards.

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Grant Aid
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