Repairs Responsibilities

This page outlines the repairs responsibilities of tenants and the Council, and provides tutorials to guide at-home repairs.


Your Responsibilities

The Council is not responsible for all repairs within your home. Your responsibilities are:

List of Tenant Repairs and Maintenance Responsibilities of Tenants
Repairs Maintenance

Repairing and renewing any alterations that you have installed

Decorating the inside of your property

Repairing deliberate damage

Ease of doors over carpets

Repairing damage by a third party - must be reported to the police and a crime number should be obtained

Re-securing loose handles on external doors

Minor plaster cracks

Replacing lost keys and changing locks

Repairing or replacing damaged or missing handles on internal doors

Bleeding radiators

Replacing radiator valve caps

Resetting central heating time clocks, thermostats, etc.

Repairing or replacing broken/missing plugs or chains

Carrying out draught proofing

Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and their starters

Resetting fuses when blown

Relighting pilot lights on boilers/fires

Repressurising combination boilers

Unblocking waste pipes, if blockage is caused by food waste or your actions

Installing and maintaining TV aerials from the aerial to the co-axial box (not communal aerials)


Important Information:

  • If you are elderly or disabled, your responsibilities may be relaxed
  • We will carry out repairs on your behalf, but you will be asked to sign a sundry debt form confirming that you are responsible and will pay for works once completed
  • You will be sent an invoice for repairs within 4 weeks of repairs taking place
    • If you cannot afford repairs, contact our Finance Department, who will be happy to discuss different payment methods with you

Repairs Handbook

Full details of the Council’s Repairs service, including details of specific Repairs issues such as gas and electricity safety, heating and condensation issues and defining boundaries and responsibilities, can be found in our Repairs Handbook (PDF) (1.37 MB.) (Opens in a New Window) .

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Council Responsibilities

The Council’s repairs and maintenance responsibilities are:

  • Structure/exterior of the property (including drains and gutters)

  • External decoration

  • Space and water heating equipment (if installed by us)

  • Plastering

  • Common Areas

  • Kitchens and Bathrooms

Important Information:

Repairs for the above items will be carried out in accordance with our standard priorities at no cost to you. If, however, repairs are necessary due to vandalism or neglect, you may be charged.

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Repairs Guidance

There are a number of tutorials that can help you to carry out your responsibilities.

Repressurising a Boiler

Bleeding a Radiator

Frozen Condensate

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