Information about active flood warnings, how to prepare for a flood and what to do if you have been affected by flooding.

Find out about

Current flood warnings

There currently no flood warnings in place for Broxtowe.

How you can help

Please help emergency services by following the advice below:

  • Only travel if necessary in the flood areas.
  • Don’t ignore a flood warning or a road closure sign.
  • Do not try to enter flood water in case of hidden hazards such as lifted manhole covers.
  • River flooding is very likely so stay away from swollen rivers.

Risk to life

  • If there is an immediate risk to life or health, contact the emergency services, call 999.

  • If there is a health emergency or ongoing medical conditions because of a flood, contact your local GP or call 999 depending on the severity of your situation.

How to find the most up to date information

Stay safe and remember, if there is a danger to life, call the emergency services on 999.

Travel Information

People should check their flood risk, sign up for free flood warnings and keep up to date with the latest situation at https://www.gov.uk/check-if-youre-at-risk-of-flooding

Flooding from a river, reservoir, or coastal water

Please contact the Environment Agency via:

  • The Environment Agency Flood line, call 0345 988 1188
  • The Environment Agency Incident Hotline, call 0800 80 70 60

Information for properties affected by flooding


Following the recent flooding caused by Storm Henk the Government have put in place two schemes to help support affected households. These schemes will be administered by Broxtowe Borough Council. The schemes include a grant of £500.00 and a 100% discount from Council Tax for a period of at least three months. Please apply through our online form(Opens in a New Window).

In addition the Government have put in place two schemes to help support businesses. The first scheme will be for a 100% discount from Business Rates for a period of at least three months. The second for a one off grant of £2,500. Please apply for both schemes through our online form www.broxtowe.gov.uk/businessratesrelief(Opens in a New Window)

Please note applications will close 31 March 2024.

If you need further flooding assistance, such as homelessness advice, please contact us on 0115 917 7777. If it's out of hours, please call the same number to reach our out of hours service and select option 3.

Advice on what steps to take after a flood can be found on the Nottinghamshire County Council website (Opens in a new window).

Residents whose homes have flooded may be eligible for support through Nottinghamshire County Council's Flooding Hardship Fund(Opens in a New Window), which offers a one-off payment of £120. Small or micro businesses with up to 49 employees, whose premises have flooded, will be eligible to apply for an emergency payment of up to £300 to help them cope with the immediate, short-term loss of income.

To apply, please call the county council’s contact centre on 0300 500 8080. Customer Service Centre staff are available between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Thursday and between 8.30am and 4.30pm on Friday to take information, and payments will be made to those who are eligible.

Property Flood Resilience Repair Grant Funding

Residential and business property owners affected by flooding between 19 and 25 October 2023 only may be able to apply for up to £5,000 of grant funding.  The funding is a contribution towards remedial work to protect properties from future flooding.  A £500 contribution towards a property survey is included in the £5,000. 

In order to proceed with the scheme please be aware that you will need to make a payment to Nottinghamshire County Council of £840.00 for a survey. If you proceed and complete the recommended work then the County Council will refund £500.00 back to you. If you do not proceed with the work no payment will be refunded. The County Council will only accept recommendations from their own surveyor so you will have to make this payment to proceed with the grant application.

Key Criteria

  • Only applies to flooded properties during Storm Babet (19.10.23 to 25.10.23)
  • Up to £5,000 (inc VAT) per affected property which includes a maximum £500 survey contribution.
  • A property survey is required and the cost must be paid upfront by the property owner to Nottinghamshire County Council. 
  • Property owners will need to apply for the grant to Broxtowe Borough Council (see link below).
  • Property owners must have reported their flooded property information to their local District or Borough Council or via Nottinghamshire County Council Flood Team team@nottscc.gov.uk or telephone Amy Perry (0115 8042163)

The deadline for reporting affected properties was Sunday 21 January 2024

  • Any funding awards will be paid directly to the approved contractor who will be completing the survey and remedial works.  Nottinghamshire County Council will appoint the approved contractor to complete the agreed works.
  • Money will not be reimbursed if works are not completed.  Funding is given for improvements to reduce future flood damage and is not compensation for Storm Babet.
  • Properties which have previously received PFR Repair Grant funding are not eligible to apply again, unless exceptional circumstances apply; please speak with your own local District or Borough Council if this applies to you.
  • Change of property ownership does not permit additional PFR funding.

If you wish to apply for this grant please complete our online form(Opens in a New Window). 

More information can be found on the Nottinghamshire County Council website(Opens in a New Window).

The PFR Repair Grant Funding Scheme ends on 1 August 2025, however property owners must make an application for the funding as soon as possible to ensure the remedial works are completed by this time.

Preparing for a flood

Flood alerts

In many flood risk areas, you can sign up for flood warnings. These warn of the risk of flooding from rivers, the sea and groundwater. You’ll be alerted by phone, email or text when flooding is expected.

The Environment Agency issue three levels of flood warning:

Flood alert level - prepare

 Flood alert - Prepare

  • prepare a bag that includes medicines and insurance documents
  • check flood warnings

Flood alert warning - act 

Flood warning - Act

  • turn off gas, water and electricity
  • move things upstairs or to safety
  • move family, pets and car to safety

Flood alert warning - survive

Severe flood warning - Survive

  • call 999 if in immediate danger
  • follow advice from emergency services
  • keep yourself and your family safe

Requesting sandbags

If your home is at risk of flooding and you are unable to acquire your own sandbags, we may be able to help. Where possible please source your own from local providers such as DIY shops and builders’ merchants, as we prioritise our stocks for vulnerable and elderly people in our communities.

Unfortunately, the Council and fellow local authorities will not be able to respond to all sandbag requests if flooding is widespread. In such instances, priority will be given to those residents that are most at risk and unable to help themselves. 

Sandbags will be provided to avoid internal flooding of homes but not for protecting gardens or outbuildings such as sheds, summerhouses or garages.

It is unlikely that sandbags will be provided to businesses as we must prioritise support to those most vulnerable during a flood.

If you do receive sandbags from any agency, please retain them for future use.

Further guidance on flooding is available from: