Information about flooding and current disruption.

Flood Action

In partnership with The Environment Agency's Flood Action Campaign, we are encouraging residents to know what to do in a flood and the actions needed to take.

Here are the three alert levels and what you should do.


Flood alert - prepare

Pack medicines and insurance documents. Visit the flood information service (Opens in a New Window).


Flood warning - Act

Move family, pets and belongings to safety. Turn off gas, water and electric.


Severe flood warning - survive

Immediate danger? Call 999. Follow emergency services advice.

For the full guidance on what to do at the different levels of flood alert, visit the Government flood warning information service website (Opens in a New Window).

Current disruption



For highway flooding, contact Nottinghamshire County Council on 0300 500 80 80.

For sewer flooding, contact Severn Trent Water. Visit the Severn Trent Water website (Opens in a New Window).

Roads and blocked highway drains/gullies contact Nottinghamshire County Council on 0300 500 80 80.

More information can be found on Nottinghamshire County Council's website (Opens in a new window).

Council Tenants

In emergencies tenants should call our main switchboard on 0115 917 7777, both during office hours and out of hours.

During office hours our Contact Centre will complete the initial triage of the call and put it through to our Repairs Team if it is an emergency

Out of hours tenants will still be able to get through to our out of hours call centre.

Flood Warnings

In the event of heavy rain and rising water levels, the public are urged to monitor the Environment Agency website (Opens in a New Window) or contact the Environment Agency Flood Line on Flood line on 0345 988 1188 for up to date information on flooding levels nationally.

tel: 0800 555 111
Broxtowe Borough Council
tel: 0115 917 7777