Former Tenants

Information about paying rent you owe if you are a former tenant.

If you are a former tenant, or are about to become a former tenant of Broxtowe Borough Council and have rent owing on one of our properties or garages, it is important that you contact the Income team as soon as possible to make an arrangement to repay the money. 

If there are arrears on your account it will be reviewed every week and action will be taken against anyone failing to repay the debt or contact us.

We must take further action if the outstanding rent is not paid, if you:

  • Do not supply us with your forwarding address, we may use a tracing agency to confirm where you currently live
  • Are in current employment and refuse to pay your debt, we can ask the Court to instruct your employers to repay the money direct from your salary
  • Own a home, or become a home owner and refuse to pay your debt, we can get a Charging Order from the Court, which can stop you from selling your property without paying the debt first

In addition:

  • We may take legal action - for example, a County Court judgement against you to recover the debt.  This could stop you from getting credit with catalogue companies, personal loan firms and mortgage lenders
  • We may instruct bailiffs to take possession of your belongings.  These can be sold to help pay off your debt
  • We can refuse to re-house you, if you fail to make a suitable arrangement to repay the debt

What to do if you’re struggling

If you are having difficulty paying your rent please contact the Income team as soon as possible at or 0115 917 3658, who will be able to discuss your situation with you and offer help and advice. 

The sooner we are aware that you are having difficulties the easier it will be for us to help you.

Please note that failure to make regular rent payments on time may put you at risk of losing your home.

tel: 0115 917 7777