Local Nature Reserves

Local Nature Reserves

There are many sites and areas in Broxtowe which are valuable for wildlife. The Council has formally designated 15 Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) and has a policy to declare more sites whenever possible.

The current Council Local Nature Reserves in order of declaration are:

Nottingham Canal

Pathway alongside Nottingham Canal

Information regarding Nottingham Canal
Key Information
Nature Reserve Nottingham Canal
Declared 1993
Size 30.6 Hectares

Six miles of disused canal running along the Erewash Valley from Bramcote to Eastwood. Managed by Broxtowe Borough Council in partnership with The Conservation Volunteers.

View the Nottingham Canal Management Plan. (.pdf) (3.78MB) (Opens in a New Window)

Alexandrina Plantation

Alexandrina Plantation in Bramcote

Information regarding Alexandrina Plantation
Key Information
Nature Reserve Alexandrina Plantation, Bramcote
Declared 2005
Size 3.7 Hectares

Grassland and oak/birch woodland near Thoresby Road, Bramcote. Managed in partnership with 'Friends of Bramcote Ridge'. 

View the Alexandrina Planation, Bramcote Management Plan (.pdf) (3.61MB) (Opens in a New Window)

Sandy Lane Public Open Space

 Pathway in Sandy Lane Open Space

Information regarding Sandy Lane Public Open Space
Key Information
Nature Reserve Sandy Lane Public Open Space, Bramcote
Declared 2005
Size 5.4 Hectares

Similar in character to Alexandrina Plantation but with hint of heath land. Managed in partnership with the Friends of Bramcote Ridge. 

View the Alexandrina Plantation East of Sandy Lane Management Plan. (.pdf) (4.49MB) (Opens in a New Window)

Bramcote Hills Park Woodland

Bramcote Hills Park Woodland

Information regarding Bramcote Hills Park Woodland
Key Information
Nature Reserve Bramcote Hills Park Woodland, Bramcote
Declared 2008
Size 11.3 Hectares

Off Ilkeston Road, Bramcote. Mixed woodland within large Green Flag park. Managed by Broxtowe Borough Council in partnership with the BTCV and the Bramcote and Stapleford Hills Public Open Space Forum.

View the Bramcote Park Woodland Management Plan (.pdf) (2.94MB) (Opens in a New Window)

King George's Park

View in King George's Park

Information regarding King George's Park
Key Information
Nature Reserve King George's Park, Bramcote
Declared 2008
Size 3.2 Hectares

Off Town Street, Bramcote. Part of this site is an LNR because of its rich grassland and established woodland. Managed by Broxtowe Borough Council. 

View the King George's Park Management Plan (.pdf) (3.48MB) (Opens in a New Window)

Brinsley Headstocks

Brinsley Headstocks in the middle of a field

Information regarding Brinsley Headstocks
Key Information
Nature Reserve Brinsley Headstocks, Brinsley
Declared 2008
Size 6.1 Hectares

Off Mansfield Road, Brinsley. Site dominated by former mining headstocks but wide ranging habitats including grassland, woodland and wetlands. Managed by Broxtowe Borough Council in partnership with the 'Friends of Brinsley Headstocks'. 

View the Brinsley Headstocks Management Plan (.pdf) (2.39MB) (Opens in a New Window)

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View the Brinsley Headstocks Website (Opens in a New Window)

Hall Om Wong

Hall Om Wong Park

Information regarding Hall Om Wong
Key Information
Nature Reserve Hall Om Wong, Kimberley
Declared 2008
Size 1.8 Hectares

Off Eastwood Road, Kimberley. Part of this site parkland is designated as LNR. Varying age of woodland and grassland fringes provide valuable habitats linking to the park. Managed by Broxtowe Borough Council in partnership with BTCV. 

View the Hall Om Wong Management Plan (.pdf) (6.02MB) (Opens in a New Window)

Stapleford Hill

Hemlock Stone on Stapleford Hill

Information regarding Stapleford Hill
Key Information
Nature Reserve Stapleford Hill Woodland, Stapleford
Declared 2008
Size 6.8 Hectares

Across the road from Bramcote Hills Park site and dominated by the 'Hemlock Stone', a large stone monolith. Oak, birch woodland managed in the same way as Bramcote Hills Park. 

View the Stapleford Hill Woodland Management Plan (.pdf) (1.83MB) (Opens in a New Window)

Toton Fields

Wooded area with light breaking through the trees

Information regarding Toton Fields
Key Information
Nature Reserve Toton Fields, Toton
Declared 2009
Size 16.5 Hectares

This reserve takes in parts of the Manor Farm and Banks Road Open Spaces, with the main access being via the Greenwood Community Centre off Banks Road. The site lies alongside the River Erewash with associated wetland species, wet grassland and young woodland. 

View the Toton Fields Management Plan (.pdf) (9.76MB) (Opens in a New Window)

Smithurst Meadows

Pathway through Smithurst Meadows

Information regarding Smithurst Meadows
Key Information
Nature Reserve Smithurst Meadows, Giltbrook
Declared 2010
Size 3.4 Hectares

This site forms part of the A610 corridor and has interesting grassland and scrub areas and wetland species associated with the Daisy Farm brook.   

View the Smithhurst Meadows Management Plan (.pdf) (3.02MB) (Opens in a New Window)

Colliers Wood

Pond at Colliers Wood

Information regarding Colliers Wood
Key Information
Nature Reserve Colliers Wood, Moorgreen
Declared 2012
Size 13.8 Hectares

A former Colliery site this area now has diverse wildlife interest with plantations, wetlands and grasslands attracting insects and birds to this popular site. The site is managed by Broxtowe Borough Council in partnership with the Friends of Colliers Wood. 

View the Colliers Wood Management Plan (.pdf) (9.38MB) (Opens in a New Window)

Watnall Green

Watnall Green Park

Information regarding Watnall Green
Key Information
Nature Reserve Watnall Green, Watnall
Declared 2012
Size 1.9 Hectares

Lying on the corner of Trough Road and Holly Road the main wildlife habitats are grassland and hedgerow. Both features attract insect and bird populations to a popular amenity area.  

View the Watnall Green Management Plan (.pdf) (1.66MB) (Opens in a New Window)

Watnall Spinney

Watnall Spinney

Information regarding Watnall Spinney
Key Information
Nature Reserve Watnall Spinney, Watnall
Declared 2012
Size 0.9 Hectares

Situated off Trough Road, this is a delightful mixed woodland with good access and the remnants of ancient fish ponds. The site has the remains of World War 2 bunkers which have been filled. 

View the Watnall Spinney Management Plan (.pdf) (950KB) (Opens in a New Window)

Hall Park

Hall Park Eastwood Entrance

Information regarding Hall Park
Key Information
Nature Reserve Hall Park, Eastwood
Declared 2014 
Size 10.4 Hectares

An important site on the Nether Green, Beauvale Brook and Colliers Wood Corridor with wetland, grassland and woodland habitats.

Pit Lane Recreation Ground

Pit Lane Recreation Area

Information regarding Pit Lane Recreation Ground
Key Information
Nature Reserve Pit Lane Recreation Ground, Trowell
Declared 2015 
Size 5.6 Hectares

A former open cast site with grassland and young tree plantations connecting five of the council LNR's within the Erewash Valley.

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