Emergency Planning

Broxtowe Borough Council's Emergency Planning Team deals with emergencies that require assistance above the usual level of service provision and / or that the Emergency Services can't handle alone. This can include flooding, sever weather, major transport accidents, industrial accidents, outbreaks of disease including flu pandemics and terrorist incidents.

Our Role

In order to prepare for possible emergencies within the Borough we:

  • assess local risks to identify possible emergency plans
  • write and regularly review our emergency plans
  • regularly train and complete exercises with other key organisations to ensure the management of an emergency is smooth and effective
  • ensure that we have the necessary procedures in place to deliver important services to the public during an emergency.

In the event of an emergency, we support the emergency services and other organisations by:

  • arranging emergency accommodation in the event members of the public are evacuated from their homes
  • providing emergency transport to help move members of the public from the scene to a safe location
  • providing information to the public
  • providing guidance to major venues and local councils to ensure they are also prepared for emergencies
  • coordinating services that we provide which are required as part of the emergency response
  • contributing to the running of assistance centres (the locations set up in the aftermath of a major emergency to act as a focal point for information and to provide assistance to members of the public)

Our Partners

LRF: Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Local Resilience Forum

Broxtowe Borough Council is part of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Local Resilience Forum (LRF), a multi-agency management group for the coordination of emergency planning within Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. 

The Forum meets regularly, is led by Nottinghamshire Police, and is made up of senior managers from the principal emergency planning and response organisations.

Find out more about the LRF and its objectives. (Opens in a New Window)

Preparing for Emergencies

If you are concerned about potential emergencies, there are steps you can take to prepare yourself so you will be 'ready to react' in the event of an emergency. 

View Nottinghamshire County Council's Preparing For An Emergency webpages. (Opens in a New Window)

Severe Weather & Flood Warnings

Final Flood Warning Sign

The Environment Agency is responsible for the dissemination of information regarding flood warnings to the public.

In the event of heavy rain and rising water levels, the public are urged to monitor the Environment Agency's "Find out if you're at risk of flooding in England" webpages(Opens in a New Window) or contact the Environment Agency Flood Line on Flood line on 0345 988 1188, for up to date information on flooding levels nationally.

Nottinghamshire Police
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