Validation Requirements

Validation Requirements

Planning Applications must adhere to the following Validation Requirements or they won't be processed.

Due to Coronavirus, the Council is changing the way we publicise planning applications in order to reduce the time our employees need to be in the office but still ensuring the public are aware of proposals near them.  We will no longer be notifying neighbours by letter about development proposals.  Instead, every application will be publicised by way of site notice.  In addition, to ensure neighbours know about proposals next to them, we will be requiring applicants to notify their adjoining neighbours (those who their property shares a boundary with - side and rear neighbours) and also if the proposal involves development to the front or side which is visible from the front, neighbours opposite the site.  Applicants will be required to submit written confirmation that they have notified their neighbours of their proposed development as a validation requirement.

Critical Dimensions and a Recognised Metric Scale

All plans and drawings submitted are required to have critical dimensions and a recognised metric scale marked on them.

If plans are received without critical dimensions no further checks will be made until they are received. Critical dimensions include heights including from ground level to eaves, to roof ridges and to any roof features e.g. lanterns), width and length of buildings and extensions, and distances to site boundaries. These are necessary to ensure the plans are readable on our web site and to ensure that it is clear what you are applying for and what the Council are granting permission for.

National and Local Requirements

The Government guidance includes National and Local lists of the information required to validate all planning applications across the country (the "national" list).  Local authorities can adopt their own "local" lists of additional information required to validate applications.

Further guidance can also be found by visiting the Ministry of Housing, Communities And Local Government website. (Opens in a New Window)

For further guidance on the "national list" and the adopted "local list" please refer to the list of documents below:

General Validations:

Householder Validations:

Listed Building Validations:

Lawful Development Validations:

Outline Validations:

Agricultural Validations:

Advertisement Validations:

Hedgerow and Tree Works Validations:

Other Validations:

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